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A Home Cooked Meal Is A Great Treat For Your Family

Home cooked meals made from scratch are so much more nutritious than meals prepared from packaged foods. There is nothing better than fresh organic vegetables, freshly picked and fresh meat and potatoes to make a meal a memorable occasion.

A home cooked meal relates to a safe meal for your family, as you know that it is not necessarily full of pesticides, hormones and antibiotics. Much of the meat produced today is fattened at feedlots where the goal is to fatten up the livestock for market where the price is based on the weight of the animal. Enormous amounts of hormones and antibiotics go into these animals, and we end up consuming some portion of them along with the meat. If you buy your meat from a local farmer, and you know how he raises his livestock, you are better off.

The same with the vegetables. The beets, carrots, lettuce, broccoli and such that we have imported from Mexico and South America may have pesticides all over them and even if you scrub them thoroughly you can’t always get all of them off of the plant before you cook it. Once again, if the vegetables are purchased locally, you are better off.

If you can purchase your produce, dairy products and meats from a local, organic farmer, you will be getting food that will be really nourishing to your family with out all of the extra additives. Plus processed food in cans and that which is frozen have many chemicals and additives that cannot be good for us. Try looking up the names of the additives on the labels and you will be shocked.

When meals are prepared from scratch and cooked and seasoned properly, you will have your family waiting for dinner to get on the table, rather than wandering off to other things like so many families do today. They will be salivating to get to the meal, and it will be a great family time.

Home cooked meals mean a warmth and a love for family that cannot be duplicated. There is just something about sitting down together at the dinner table for a family to know that they belong together and it just seems right. The food is good and everyone knows what to expect, and that it is safe from all of the bad stuff that is in a lot of the processed and commercial food nowadays.

A good rule of thumb is to say that if we don’t cook it, we don’t eat it. That certainly rules out a lot of food that, even though it might not take as long to prepare, you can know that it will not be harmful to you or your family.

Of course, most rules are going to broken sometimes. We don't always eat the best that we possibly can, but the idea is to strive for better alternatives.

If everyone in the family works, including mom or mom is very busy on a given day, meals can be put in the slow cooker and allowed to simmer all day, so when everyone gets home, dinner is ready. If everybody pitches in and helps with the dishes, all of the cleanup work gets done in a jiffy.

Striving to have more home cooked meals in a month rather than convenience foods is a great goal. The meals made with love are what your children will remember and feel nostalgic about when they grow older.

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