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What Does It Mean If You Can't Say Anything Nice

The old saying finishes off with that you shouldn't say anything at all. The reason for this is that saying mean or unkind things can hurt other people and makes you look bad.

Sometimes, people will say the phrase instead of something mean. However, this is already saying that you have nothing nice to say and therefore your thoughts are still mean.

A better alternative is to keep your mouth shut. Or, you can search for something kind to say that is still true. For instance, if someone is talking about how mean a neighbor is, you can mention that the person is always well groomed.

You can also decide to change the subject if you do not want to participate in the meanness. You can do it casually, or just state outright that you would rather not say bad things about other people.

You will be the better person for not talking poorly about others. There is a time and a place where it may be necessary though. For example, if you are a mom managing the chores your children are working on, you may need to assess the work habits and skills. If the performance is sub-par, that must be noted. You can still select your words with care. Focus on the behavior without putting the child down.

If you have children, you can also teach them to use kind words. When we learn to look for the good in people, it makes us happier too. A positive outlook is shown to improve health and relationships with the people around.

If you have a habit of saying negative or judgmental things about others, you can begin to change that habit today. Put a rubber band on your wrist. Each time you catch yourself saying something negative about another, simply pop the band. Eventually, you will learn to control what you think and say.

You need to realize that it is better to speak kindly of others or keep your opinions to yourself. After all, we are all human and have flaws. It can be very hurtful to put someone down. Your actions may even encourage others to hurt the person. You do not want to be part of that negative energy. So, learn to keep your thoughts and words positive. You will have a good impact on the people around you.

Make it a goal to begin speaking with more kindness. Make it a goal to model to your children speaking what is supportive.

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