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The Matter of Endless Summer

It is bittersweet isn't it?

The end of summer. The end of long, promising hours of daylight stretched before you as a winding road.

Oh that the summer would never end. The release of normal rules... a bit later bedtime and maybe a few more snacks than normally allowed. The extra time to bask in sunlight, play harder, and let the chores slide a few more days.

What would be the matter to have an endless summer?
Working men will have leisure in the future and how this leisure is to be employed is a question much discussed. Now, no one can employ leisure fitly whose mind is not brought into active play every day; the small affairs of a man's own life supply no intellectual food and but small and monotonous intellectual exercise. -- Charlotte Mason
Yet, during the wind down I notice a change in attitudes. A bit more boredom perhaps? A little more snipping and sniping than necessary? Less listening with kindness?

Running free won't sustain you in the long run.

Not enough good things coming in...means not enough good things coming out.

We were made to work. And to work hard.

What is the work of the young? The stretching of the mind. The focus of attention. The wonder of learning. The school books call.

The companion to work is taking time for rest.

  • with no screen time
  • with no chores
  • with no rush
  • with no thought to the outside world
  • and a heart turned to the one who can offer true rest
  • for a short time
And then, get out there and give it all you've got!

There is a difference between a 'vacationing attitude' and taking time for a true nourishing rest.

Vacationing endless summer attitude:
  • with little regard towards order
  • with little thought of accountability
  • with little remembrance of responsibility
  • with little understanding of true service to others

Wishing for endless summer, or indulging in a vacationing attitude is selfish. Put off today what you could do...well sometime.

Constantly feeling that you deserve more time and more breaks is a lack of understanding.

The search for endless summer is a not possible. It's not real. It leaves you feeling dissatisfied.


Work hard.

Rest thoroughly.



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