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Is It Ever Okay to Give Up

Is It ever OK to give up?

What if you've been working towards your goal for a long time?

What if you are weary?

Is it OK to throw in the towel?

Months or years could have passed and it feels like you're getting no where.

Running Trail

Dear Mother,

find some quiet time to ask yourself some questions.

Give yourself some space and time to think.

Do you just need to take a break? 
It's hard to go full force for an extended period of time. Would a short vacation from your goal give you breathing room, rest and space? Consider how you could take 2 or 3 weeks and scale back your efforts or temporarily quit.

What are the effects of quitting now?
Will it be a detriment to your health? Is someone depending on you? Consider how you would let yourself, your friends or family down.

Are you at a roadblock because you need to build some new skills or gain new knowledge? 
Sometimes you feel like you aren't making any progress because you've come to the end of your skill set. 

When you start something new, often you spend a lot of time learning about it, practicing it and discussing your new found knowledge with others. Is time to reach out for help? Take a new class or read a new book. This could bring back the excitement for your goal just like when you started out.

Does your goal still fit your environment? 
Situations change. Do you need to adapt instead of give up?

Can you modify your goal and find new enthusiasm? 
Adapt your goal in fun, interesting, new ways. Set up a small challenge for yourself and give yourself a reward when you reach it. It could be that you've waited too long to recognize all the hard work you've put in.

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How have you persevered this week? Leave a comment. I'll come visit.

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  1. This is great inspirational talk, I've never been lifted before through my troubles and felt my shoulders get lighter by simply realizing and knowing. All you've said is true, and should be lived by.

    -Carlos Hernandez


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