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Summer Reading Fun

Just because the weather is nicer doesn't mean it's time to put away the books! Summer is a great time to sneak in some more reading for your children.

Dr. Seuss collection

Here are four ways I'm able to get in some more reading time.

Idea Number 1 - We keep books in the car. The children are more likely to read together anytime we have to wait or drive a bit longer than normal. They read out lout to each other and share the pictures.

Idea Number 2 - We always join the library summer reading program. I let the children pick out as many books as they want. We don't keep them until they are due. Instead they'll read through them quickly and we can go get more.

Idea Number 3 - On a super hot day, we put up the tent in the living room. They love to go camping and take a stack of books with them.

Idea Number 4 - Even a rainy day is an opportunity for a good book. A favorite pass-time is to have a picnic on the porch with a stack of picture books.

Let's see what our friends have to say about summer reading.

Money Saving Mom features frugal ways to keep kids reading
Now that school assignments are over, its time to focus on finding material that your child is interested in reading. My experience has been that even students who claim they don’t like to read, like to read something. Which is why providing a wide range of material to select from is so important.
April's Homemaking shares What I'm Reading
When summer arrives, the less structured days free up time for more reading.  Whether in the garden or on the beach, or in a favorite sitting spot, you will often find me with my nose in a book.  In order to be more frugal, as well as not overfill my bookcases, I have been using a great tool at our library. 
Do-It-Yourself Summer Reading Program | metromoms.net
Reading aloud with children is known to be the single most important activity for building the knowledge and skills they will eventually require for learning to read.” ~Marilyn Jager Adams. As soon as summer rolls around, ...

6 Lists of Great Picture Books For Kids - Women Living Well
My sister Jen is back to share with us her favorite picture books! She writes: I love picture books and am so excited to share my family's favorites with you. I began collecting picture books when I worked at the local library ...
How do you sneak in more reading at your house?


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