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Sometimes I wish there were a way to get more or better advice about mothering. And at other times, I just wish the strangers or acquaintances butting in would leave their opinions to themselves. Mothering is such a situational thing. No one can know it all. No one can be perfect doing it.

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Here's what I know, though. Mothering is an awesome profession and in reality pretty easy to do. There are only two things to remember; unlike having a job where there are tons of rules and potentially  multiple middle managers wanting to rule your time.

First, you'll work for God. He'll help you. Just ask. Ask for wisdom and ask for insight. Ask for clarity and focus. You'll find them. God wants you to succeed. He is for you. He wants your children to love him.

Second, you'll work with your husband. My husband is wise. He has good ideas and insights...if only I'd not fight them so much sometimes. Things are easier when you work together. Honor him and let his direction stand for your family. He can see if you are getting too stressed or trying to do too much. Ask him for help and ask him for input.

As for all those other 'butting in opinions', gracefully say that thank you and you'll take it under consideration and leave it at that. Really. Don't rant and carry on. Don't gossip about it. It really isn't worth it to your own health and plans to stress about it.

You are the mother and you really do know best.

Here are some really nice articles about mothering.  And just maybe, you'll take something under consideration.

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What are your favorite mothering tips?


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