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Starting New Traditions

Each year as my children's birthdays approach I wonder about our family traditions. Did we start any traditions by accident last year? Are any of the traditions getting tired and worn out? Maybe they need a  fresh new start. I haven't come to any grand conclusions yet.

Purple and Yellow Flowers 

As much as we grumble about the routine stuff...get tired of doing the same thing over and over...why do we do this...and so on, it really is the simple things that we do which make warm memories.  And besides, children like routine and they thrive in it.

I believe it's because of routine we can devote the energy to new pursuits, learnings and undertakings.  Bedlam doesn't provide a supportive environment. If you are too busy worrying about what comes next, when will we eat, and why can't I find anything...well, there isn't much brain power left over to enjoy the task of tackling something new.

Routine often stems around daily living. Traditions often branch out of holiday celebrations or special situations. Why is that?

Think about your own childhood memories. How many start with 'We always...'? Here are two of my own.

We always took a summer road trip vacation. My mom always had what we named 'the kitchenette' on the floor of the front seat. It contained drinks and snacks and sandwhiches. There were no gas station snack stops and very few fast food stops (if there even were drive-thrus, I'm not even sure.)

We always went to my grandparents on Christmas Day. I don't remember missing, ever.

yellow flower in pot

Traditions don't always have to be about family fun, although often they are. Maybe you have a tradition of working together. My mom and I have a tradition of freezing sweet corn together in the summer.

Husbands sometimes don't get on board with the tradition idea, but often they just go along with it. That's ok. You don't have to announce that every first day of spring you're going to have a tulip themed decorated dinner. Just do it and the kids will love it and eventually he'll catch on.

80th Birthday Cake with yellow flowers 

However, you may encounter that your husband has something that he feels very strongly about. In that case, get enthusiastic and go for it. Even if you have to do some blending from both your family and your husbands family.

Join Marty's Musings as she talks about her blessing jar tradition.
I hope you've enjoyed this little glimpse into my love of mason jars and our family tradition of the Blessing Jar. I hope you'll try this in your own family and be blessed.
Also today, I read Mama Gab and she made me sad that I didn't have any new baby traditions.
We have just a few baby traditions that we've created in our family over the past few years.
As for my kids, we have some summer traditions. We always have water balloons. We go back to the pool for the last hour of swimming on nice nights. We go to the local amusement park on the 4th of July. I always to go parents day of swimming lessons. We always join the summer reading program at the library.

What summer traditions do you have or want to start?


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