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Enjoy Making A Burlap Wreath By Following Several Simple Steps

When most people think about the material burlap they immediately envision feed sacks and other rustic imagery.

However it is not complicated to turn this material into a decorative wreath that can be placed around your home anytime of the year. A burlap wreath is an excellent addition to any plain wall, inside or outside door and you can take a lazy weekend afternoon to make a burlap wreath that you will be proud of and will impress your friends and family.

You will need to first decide the color of burlap that you would like to use when making your wreath. If you have a neutral d├ęcor, beige burlap may be the best option for you. If you want the wreath to stand out in your decorative scheme you can choose different colored burlap.

The Materials That You Will Need

The next thing that you will need to do is gather the materials that you will need to make the wreath. The list should include:

•    The burlap material
•    Scissors
•    Ribbon
•    Glue gun
•    Foam wreath

The Process To Make The Burlap Wreath

Once you have gathered the materials that you need you can then begin to construct the wreath. You will need to cut the material into square pieces. Make sure that these pieces measure five inches all around.

After the material has been cut into equal square pieces you can take one piece and fold it in two halves. The finished square should be at least four layers deep.

You will then take the glue gun and place some glue on the center folded piece of the square. The glued end of the material can then be placed on the wreath. Be sure to hold the material firmly in place until the burlap sticks to the foam wreath.

This process can then be repeated with each square until the foam wreath has been completely covered in the burlap squares.

Make sure that the burlap dries on the wreath before you begin the process of fluffing the squares.

Once your wreath has dried you can take the ribbon and tie it around the wreath and hang the wreath in the desired location.

Making burlap wreaths can be an enjoyable project that the entire family can participate in. These wreaths are popular during the autumn and winter months but they can be used as decorations in the home anytime of the year.

Other variations of fall wreaths.

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