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What to Do With Your Summer Strawberries

I've been dreaming of few fresh picked strawberries today. We planted our strawberry plants a bit late this season. We grow some in pots on the deck and the kids just love getting to pick their own. It looks like we're going to be waiting a while longer though. Hmm...farmer's market here we come.


This recipe probably wouldn't qualify as quick and easy.
Strawberries and Cream Tart | Savory Simple
"I love preparing desserts. There's something so methodical about the process of baking that I find very soothing. Planning, measuring, creaming, layering, decorating… and beautiful vibrant colors to inspire me! I certainly love ..."

I love this picture of the strawberry beds.
The Lost Gardens of Heligan: Strawing the Strawberries
"is the tender job of strawing the strawberries. Gently lifting and tucking straw underneath the foliage and the first trusses of fruit to keep them dry and to discourage those armies of slugs that descend on your crop as soon as it ..."

strawberry pot

strawberries and cream biscuits | smitten kitchen
"It's like a strawberry shortcake, stuffed inside a single cake. No wait, it's a strawberry and cream scone, with overripe strawberries that melt, their juices trickling free of their 2-by-1 confines, as they bake. It's a mistake, a terrible, ..."

Beautiful picture of the fruit of the harvest. Fresh jam...yum.
The Vintage Farmhouse: Mmmmmm, Strawberries
"Since I love strawberries, and our sneaky chickens got into our plants and ate all of the strawberries, we decided to take a trip to the strawberry patch! I have not gone to pick strawberries since I was little and I was hoping my ..."

strawberry shortcake

Three other delicious looking strawberry recipes for you.

Chiffon Cake with Strawberries and Cream | Culinary Covers
"Review of the recipe on the cover of Martha Stewart Living June 2012: Chiffon Cake with Strawberries and Cream. Photograph included."

Rice Pudding With Roasted Strawberries - A Beautiful Mess
"Rice pudding is one of my favorite snacks! It has been a food obsession of mine for years now. I love how simple it is too; I usually have all the ingredients in my pantry and refrigerator whenever the rice-pudding-craving..."

strawberry coconut gelato | SoupAddict.com
"Strawberry Coconut Gelato. The strawberries have been lovely this season, but alas, they're winding down here. For some of you, the season is just starting, and for other lucky ducks, production will continue for some time."

Have you been strawberry picking yet?


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