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Teaching Children Faith

I've been thinking about my decision making and how much or how little faith plays into it. I wonder if I show the behavior I want and expect them to exhibit as adults. I wonder if I talk about the internal dialog and prayer in my head, just enough to show them the underlying things that happen prior to making a decision. They are young yet, but I know they watch what I do (or don't do) more than what I say.

 Praying hands

Here are some more thoughts about faith.

Teaching Children Faith :: BeyondWordsDesigns
"Do you want to know what used to keep me up at night? The one thing that would consume me with its gravity? Its a little thing that I like to call ~ Faith. How do I teach my children about it? We are commissioned by God to ..."

Teaching Children Practical Prayer: Helping Kids Value Real Faith ...
"Teaching children how to pray in real life situations reinforces the importance of prayer. Practical prayer can be used as a tool for spiritual growth for children."

Flathead Mama: Great tool for teaching kids about faith!
"Great tool for teaching kids about faith! As Burrito and I have worked on our at-home preschool curriculum in the last few months, we have had a Bible verse memorization song each week. Some of the songs have just been ..."

The Purposeful Mom: Four Ideas for Teaching Scripture to Your Baby or Toddler 
"Teaching Scripture to your children is a huge part of raising your little ones in a Christian home. When we hide God's Word in our hearts, it accomplishes the purpose for which it was sent! {Isaiah 55}"
The first point in this article directly addresses my questions. Live your life as a great example of what you expect in your children.
"Evangelizing children consists not simply of verbalizing the gospel with one’s mouth, but also of exemplifying it in one’s life. "
I'll continue to think about how I can explain faith even more in our day to day life. What ideas do you have?


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