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4th of July Crafts for Toddlers and Kids

Many toddlers love crafts. Why not introduce them to the Independence Day holiday this way? Here are some ideas for celebrating this Fourth of July with toddler crafts.

American Flag on the Fourth of July

1. Patriotic Top Hats

Let your toddler sport this homemade hat proudly!
* White poster board
* Red and blue construction paper (large sheets)
* Scissors
* Glue and/or staples
* Pencil
# Note - you can use white posterboard instead of construction paper for the tube and the rim.


Roll a piece of posterboard into a tube and secure with glue or staples. Make sure the tube fits your toddler's head.

Cut strips of red and blue strips of construction paper, wrap them around the tube, and glue into place. Leave white between them so there will be red, white and blue stripes.

For the hat's rim, lay a piece of posterboard on a flat surface, and set the striped tube in the middle of it. Trace around the tube to make a circle. At four equal points around this circle, draw four square tab shapes facing into the circle. You will cut out this circle but leave the tabs. When you cut, don't cut in from the sides; start in the middle.

Once the center circle is cut out, cut a larger circle around it - that's the hat's brim. You will have a large ring shape with tabs around the center circle. Set the striped top of the hat into the cut-out circle, and fold the tabs inward and glue them.

Watch a video about making a 4th of July hat.

2. Patriotic Star Wand

Let your toddler pretend to make the fireworks happen with this "magic" wand.


* 12- to 18-inch wooden dowel in the thickness of your choice (1/2" or 1/4" works well)
* White craft foam
* Glitter glue in red, white and blue
* Loose glitter in red or blue
* White glue
* Scissors


Coat the dowel in white glue and roll in the glitter color or colors of your choice. Lay it aside to dry - a wax paper-covered tray should work.

While it's drying, cut two equal star shapes from the white craft foam. You might want to use a pre-cut star pattern, or cut one star and use it as a pattern for the second.

Put white glue around one of the star's five points, leaving a glue-free place between one set of points (this is where you will insert the dowel later). Lay the second star on top and lay flat to dry.

Decorate the stars with glitter glue, or with white glue and glitter sprinkled on. Once the stars are dry, carefully find the non-glued spot. Make sure the dowel will fit. Then fill the spot with glue and insert the dowel. Let dry overnight.

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Have lots of fun!


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