Take a Look Around

Where Mother Is

Old-fashioned flowers, with fragrance sweet,
Bloom where mother is;
Life's a psalm—a song replete
With joy—where mother is.
There all woes and sorrows cease;
Naught but rest and heavenly peace
Dwells where mother is.
The jostling crowd, the wearing din,
Are not where mother is;
The flaunting rags of shame and sin
Reach not where mother is.
Heart-sick, brain-tired, nerve-racked soul,
Before thy tear-dimmed eyes a goal
Exists where mother is.
All grief, and doubt, and unbelief
Flee where mother is;
Hope, and faith, and sweet relief,
Come where mother is.
Mother, mother! name most sweet,
Heaven guide my weary feet
Home, where mother is.

From a 19th century magazine
Happy Mother's Day!


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