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Heartily and Lovingly Take Care of Your Home

Do you want to succeed in your work? Of course you do -and yet somehow or other you don't, and the reason why is not far to seek. It is simply that you don't love it.

"My work is to wash plates and dust rooms, when I would far rather be doing something more suitable to my mental powers. How can I love such work ?" I hear someone object.
Well, washing plates and dusting are in themselves not particularly delightful occupations, I must admit, but even such tasks may be done gladly and willingly for love's sake.
Perhaps you would rather be doing many other more intellectual sort of things, but just these homely little offices are what fall to your share, and if you do them well, you will have your reward. Do not you feel rewarded when your husband or your children tell you that there is no other house that they like as well as their dear, bright little home?
Of course you do, and when you are busy at what people call household drudgery, you will be happy and quite enjoy your work, because it is all an opportunity of serving those you love.
There is no work, however homely, that is not honourable if done well. Instead of fretting that it is not in our power to do some great thing, how much better it would be for us in our home-life to "do the thing that's nearest, though 'tis hard the whiles," and not only to do it, but to do it heartily and lovingly.
By-and-bye, perhaps we may be promoted to doing better work than we are fit for now, but as we are responsible for the present, let us do our best now, even if the work asked of us is seems menial.


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