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Guess What I Did Over Lunch

Ever feel like you're getting nowhere?

That no matter what you do, you bump into a roadblock? Or you just can't get ahead? (Just like a log-jam of bumper boats where no one is getting anywhere fast.)

It can feel that way when you are a working mom. I believe that often we are our own worst critics and we replay a self-feating message in our heads.

When you are working you can't shut off the back of your mind telling you all the things you need to be doing at home or all the errands you need to be accomplishing.

And once you're at home, you might be worrying about the deadlines you have looming at work or the grumpy co-worker who resents the fact that you scoot out of work at the top of the hour.

Having a job and determining to be a great homemaker at the same time takes a lot of thoughtful purpose.

Have you stopped lately and actually put thought to your actions?

life feeling stuck like a bumper boat jam? - photo by ikeephouse

You can do this.

Purposefully spend your time. But, not in a guilty and rushing way. Don't use your time with a grudge. Instead you need to be excited that you have time and you can choose what to do with it.

Don't waste today. It won't be coming back.

And in fact, remember to do something today that will pay you back in the future.

You wouldn't take a trip without booking tickets and knowing what day you're going?
You wouldn't play sports without a game plan?
Am I right?

make a game plan - photo by ikeephouse

One way to make some insurance for the busy days ahead is to wisely use your lunch time while you are work.

Yes, you could mindlessly surf the internet. You could chat with co-workers. You could get some exercise. Non of these things are wrong. But, if you are looking to make improvements in your homemaking you might want to consider changing your lunch routine.

Brainstorm some things you would be excited to do for yourself!

Here are 10 ideas to get you started. Be excited that you are a modern mom and a homemaker. You just happen to have a job right now too. Remember, prosper where you are planted!

  1. look up new and interesting recipes
  2. work on meal plans
  3. cut coupons
  4. write birthday cards
  5. sort and label photos
  6. write a good old fashioned letter
  7. plan a party
  8. brainstorm present ideas for your friends and family
  9. comparison shop online
  10. call family you've neglected to talk to lately

What is your favorite thing to do on a lunch break that saves you time later?


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