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How to Prepare a Small, Delightful Thanksgiving Meal

Perhaps you have a small family, and like us, won't be traveling for Thanksgiving.

Perhaps you won't be hosting a large Thanksgiving get together either.

Perhaps you've spent years having a huge family Thanksgiving meal but suddenly, you find yourself without the kids at home and it's just you and your special someone.

How do you go from preparing large meals to smaller ones? Here are some ideas to help get you started.

Consider a Small Ham

Consider a small ham and some baked potatoes. Hams come in all sizes and it's easy to simply slice and freeze any leftovers so you can enjoy them at another meal. Add in some green beans (or even a small version of the favorite green bean casserole) and you have a meal. Finish it with a nice pie or dessert of your choice and you don't have any overwhelming mess to clean up and you're sure to enjoy your extra time with your special someone. Don't forget a nice pineapple glaze on the top of your ham.

Pork Loin

Find a smaller sized pork loin roast and impress your special someone with a nice pork dinner. Be sure to choose some favorite side dishes to go alongside such as mashed garlic and cheesey potatoes, a green salad and some pie for dessert.

Rock Cornish Game Hens

If it's just the two of you why go to the bother of a huge turkey with all of the trimmings? Simply purchase two rock Cornish game hens and roast those. Add in some roasted vegetables and a salad and you've got an instant hit. You won't be spending all of your time in the kitchen this year. Don't forget a favorite pie or dessert dish.

Smaller Turkey

Occasionally you can find a smaller sized turkey. If you don't see one, ask the butcher if they have any smaller turkey's or half turkey's you can purchase. Occasionally they keep these in the back so you need to ask. If you can get either use your crock-pot for a delicious, simple meal that you won't have to spend a lot of time in the kitchen for. Include some mashed potatoes, salad and a veggie of your choice along with a delicious dessert and you have another hit on your hands.

Other tips include cutting back on the number of side dishes served. Simply choose two or three favorite side dishes and stick with those. Consider quick store bought biscuits or make biscuits ahead of time and freeze.

No matter how you plan on celebrating Thanksgiving, I hope it is a warm and wonderful occasion.

Here are some more great ideas for Thanksgiving.

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