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Changing Up Routines As The Seasons Start To Shift

I love changing up things when the seasons change. As it gets colder and the holidays roll around, we tend to feel more stressed. But a few mindful changes in your habits can be rejuvenating. Here are some tips to allow you to prepare for the end of fall and the beginning of winter.

Do a Clothing Check

Make it a point to check that you and your family have the right kind of clothes for whatever season it is. Sometimes there will be many days where it's cold in the morning, but warm in the afternoon. That's probably the only time you'll need to worry about wearing different clothes depending on the time of day. Start getting out some winter clothes to be able to layer appropriately.

Make sure to get your winter shopping done when it's fall, and then get your summer shopping done when spring starts to come around. It pays to be prepared so you're not stuck in clothing that doesn't work for you. If you are super prepared, you may have shopped at the end of last season. Be sure to pull out all that winter stuff and evaluate it.

I always like to know if I should put items on the Christmas lists for the kids like jammies, mittens, or extra socks. The grandmas always like to pick out a new shirt for the kids so I like to know what color or size they will need around January or February.

Update Your Skin Care

You should consider things like how dry your skin is going to be in the winter. You may want to get a new special lotion to help you avoid dry skin. Also remember, just like in the summer you have to protect your skin with sunscreen. Be sure to buy a new bottle of your favorite. The stock of sunscreen tends to not be as good during the winter.

I also like to buy a new foundation in the fall. Sometimes I get a new Burt Bees lip gloss. It doesn't have to be expensive to update your makeup.

I don't like to wear moisturizer on my face during the summer. The fall is the perfect time to see if you'll need something new. I like to use coconut oil as a lotion too. Usually, I feel better throwing out the jar that sat all summer long without being used. (I just forget to use it...don't know why.)

Update Your Routines

I like to make sure the kids get out earlier in the afternoon to get some playtime in. Although it isn't too cold yet, I don't really like to let them run around the neighborhood after dark.

Sunshine is important to me. I like to start scheduling a walk over lunch to make sure I can see the sun everyday. If I don't...then the time just slips by and I'm a crabby mom in the dark evening.

I hope that jump-started you thinking about what routines you can change up this fall. You'll feel great when you're done with this and everything will fall into place for you!

Here are more ideas for changing your fall/winter routine.

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