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Valentine Craft Kits for Kids to Make Their Own Valentines

It's that time of year! Time to hand out the Valentines. I personally like to encourage creativity over just buying a box of done-for-you valentines. So, I've rounded up some Valentine craft kits for the kids to make their own valentines.

I really like this valentine kit. It looks easy to piece together and you can use different photos of your children. This would make a great cheap gift to send to grandparents or other family that lives farther away. Add a magnet and it's refrigerator ready!

You can't go wrong with a bunch of valentine stickers. Here is a really BIG bunch.  250 assorted valentine heart stickers. This is enough to let your kids go crazy. Some white index cards, a paper punch, some construction paper and a little glue will have an assembly line of personal Valentine's Day Cards coming from your kitchen table.

 Basic cards in pink and red and are the perfect foundation for your valentine cards. Add a few stickers and you're all set. These cards come with paper doilies and makes 36 cards. And, how about 1000 stickers to go with them! That's enough for 3 or 4 kids to make their valentines.

Things you can teach your kids when making Valentines
Making the valentines together can be a fun, family time. Take the opportunity to show some 'tricks' to valentine making.
  • Explain how you can take a folded piece of paper and draw half a heart shape. Cut out the shape on the outline...open up and ta-da!! A heart! Is your child not very thrilled with their first attempt? Remember that practice makes perfect. This is a great opportunity to teach about practice and perseverance.
  • Take a paper punch and punch around the edge of a heart, square, or rectangle to show how it makes 'lace'.
  • Teach about laying multiple shapes (of the same shape) and how it adds visual interest and texture to the card.
How to Make Cookie Cutter Valentines

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Are you planning on making handmade valentines?

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