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Let's Talk About Summer Modesty

There are a few reasons I can think of why someone may be opposed to 'modest summer dressing'.

First of all, there is the common it's just too hot excuse. But, it is really too hot all the time? What about if you are out doing errands early in the morning? Wise planning would have you out of the house early in the day and home during the hotter parts of the day. Then, if you felt the need, you could change clothes. Also, what about in the evenings? Most of the time it will cool as you head to an outside activity. Again, planning will help you instead of just throwing on any ol' thing.

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Second, I may think someone may just offer that the clothing itself is too restricting and warm.

A third reason against modest dress in the summer is the argument that you just can't really find anything to wear that isn't immodest. This would be a case of anything worth doing well will take some time. Selectively add items to your closet. This is more responsible than dumping a lot of money on a new instant wardrobe.

Let's see some other discussion about modesty.

Joyfull Living asks us 'what about bikinis?'
"The world's view of bathing suits leaves little to the imagination."
I love this honest personal story about how Women Living Well learned more about modesty.
"I was humbled and learned a lot that day.  I was forced to grow up and take seriously my clothing choices."
Here's a great article to give you more to think about. Home Living talks about feminine fashions.
"I would also highly recommend natural fabrics. Cotton is my all-round favorite. It always feels fresh and it launders well. You can hardly damage it and the threads don't pull out." 
What other thoughts do you have about modesty in the summer?


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