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4th of July Craft Ideas for Teens

Crafts aren't just for little kids! Teens and bigger kids can get in on craft-making, and it's a good way to celebrate Independence Day with your teens. You have to move beyond the simple crafts of childhood, but there are all kinds of sophisticated crafts that teens can enjoy. Here are some ideas.

This glass bead bracelet is adorable.

Patriotic Charm


Boys and girls both wear necklaces, and they can also make good gifts for teens to give each other. Fabric necklaces are a great way to make a necklace that is not necessarily gender-specific. Here's how to do it.


* Piece of old clothing or cloth, about 2 feet long and 1 inch thick.
* Beads in Fourth of July colors and/or designs (think beads with a larger hole)
* Scissors
* Needle-nosed pliers


First, lay out your design of beads in a row. Then, fold the end of the fabric strip into a point and poke it through the beads. String them on the fabric in the order of your choice, using the pliers as needed. The beads will be tight on the cloth, so you can space the beads however you like. When you're finished, tie the ends.


Use stretchy fabric and a smaller strip of cloth to make an Independence Day bracelet.


For a festive headband, your teen can make the above necklace using stretchy fabric that's a bit wider, and thicker beads.

Tote Bags

There are so many tote bag ideas for teens. You can use anything from duct tape to old tank tops to make a tote bag. Here is one idea for a patriotic tote bag for your teen to make using duct tape (the resulting waterproof tote can be used for the rest of the summer for trips to the pool or beach).


* Duct tape (you'll need about 20 yards) in blue, red, and silver (or white if you can find it)
* Scissors


What you'll be doing is making duct tape "sheets" by attaching the sticky sides of multiple strips of duct tape. Begin by laying 8 pieces of duct tape, 16 inches long, sticky-side-up on a table or clean floor. Make sure the strips overlap slightly. Repeat the procedure, but this time lay the strips sticky-side-down onto the previous strips. When you're finished, there won't be any sticky part showing.

Do the same thing to make two duct tape sheets with rough edges.

Lay one sheet on top of the other, and trim the edges so that they are even, equal squares.

Attach three edges of these squares using strips of duct tape folded over the edge. On the fourth side, which will be open, you can add a strip of duct tape on either side of the opening so that all 4 sides have a stripe.

For two handles, use a 20-inch piece of duct tape folded in half lengthwise, sticky-side-in. Then tape the ends of this folded strip to the inside of the bag's opening.

If you like, cut decorations from colored duct tape and stick them to the outside of the bag.

Here's a round up of some other craft ideas.

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