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Things to do with your kids for free (or almost free!)

Boredom can set in right before the change of seasons. Here are a few ideas to spark some family fun.

* Have a picnic ~ of course requires food out of the fridge and stuff from around the house, use paper plates for easy clean up, spread a blanket out right outside your house and have a picnic.  Raining?  No problem, move the furniture out of the way and have a picnic on the living room floor.

* Take a walk …. Anywhere!  Around the yard, around the block, just walk chit chat and spend some time together without the bustling noise of video games, televisions, or phones

* Go to the local park, playground, garden path, or whatever you have for gathering of children in your area with no admission fees!  Even if you go to the local school during “off time” usually weekends and after 6:00 pm on weekdays get some play time in and have a ride on the swings

* Take pictures ~ what better way to see the world through your child’s eyes than to hand the camera and let them snap a few shots

* Draw a picture.

* Make up a song about them…or you…or the dog…or anything!  Then sing it of course.

* Play a board game

* Teach them to play cards

* Read a book

* Write a story about something crazy and fun!

* Make a scavenger hunt around the house

* Make and fly a kite

* Go to the movies.  At home!  Make a big bowl of popcorn and snuggle up to watch a favorite movie together, remember to turn out the lights for super theater effect.

* You know that video game they like to play?  Play it with them, trust me there will be laughing, a lot of it.

* Play hide and seek.  Classic, and still fun.


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