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Clean Your House in Record Time

Are you expecting company at the last minute? Maybe you are just tired of the mess and want to clean your house, but it seems overwhelming. Sometimes, people put off cleaning their homes because they think it will take tons of hours - and who has that kind of time? Luckily, it does not have to take an entire weekend or even an entire day to clean your house.

There are tips and tricks to make the job go faster. Here are some of them.

91/365 - 1/13/10 Time to Clean the House

1. Pick a spot
Sometimes, that overwhelmed feeling begins when you look at the big picture. Breaking the task up into small bits that you can manage is key. Don't even look at a whole room - pick a corner or an area of the room. A messy bookshelf, a pile of boxes or paper, or a cluttered corner are examples.

The point of this exercise is, getting that small area clean will help ease your mind and be done so quickly that you'll be motivated to do some more. Don't be tempted to "call it a day" after doing this small portion of the cleaning - otherwise, by the time you've cleaned the whole house, that first corner will be messy again!

2. Schedule it
If you were being paid to clean your home, and you were paid more for less time, wouldn't you do a good, fast job? Schedule your housecleaning time as you would a paying job, and take it just as seriously. This will also help prevent that tendency we all have to simply wait until we have time...someday.

3. Make it fun
You can at least make it bearable by playing favorite CDs, turning on a movie or TV show in the room where you're cleaning, or playing a book on tape or CD. The time will go by a lot faster with something going in the background to entertain you. Take care it doesn't distract you, though - if you want to clean your house in record time, you need to keep going once you start.

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4. Keep things within reach
Keep cleaning tools all together in a special bin or container, or in a particular corner of a closet or storage space. That prevents you having to go all over the house gathering up cleaning supplies before beginning. Rags, mops, sponges, a broom, vacuum cleaner, etc. should all be in one spot.

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5. A place for everything
If you're in a hurry, you may not have a place for all the magazines, books, papers, and various sundries lying around. Toss these things into baskets if possible - baskets look nice on shelves and on top of furniture. Also consider putting items temporarily in a plastic bin or box with a note to go through them later and find a real place for them. Otherwise, they will find their way onto the middle of the floor again!


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