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What To Do When You Can't Travel For Thanksgiving

Can't or won't be traveling for Thanksgiving this year?

We haven't traveled for years. Most of our family lives in many different states. Other branches of our families aren't close anymore after older relatives have passed away. As a result, there is no need for us to hold large Thanksgiving meal or travel to one either.

I know other people that can't travel because of work schedules or can't because of transportation issues. Others don't want to travel by choice because of new babies or lots of little children in the home.

Don't feel bad that you won't be traveling and don't let any of your family pressure you.

First, if you do feel like celebrating you should see if you can get people to come and visit you.

You can ask family and friends in your area if they have anything,and if not, you can see if they want to come to your home with you. If not, then you're going to probably want to reach out to people that don't live around you to see if they can travel to where you are. You can easily get into touch with people via social media sites if you don't have their numbers. It's easy to hunt down just about anyone these days!

Try to set it up to where you'll still have a nice Thanksgiving for your immediate family if you can't get anyone to come by. You should try your best to get the food you can afford.

If you are having some trouble with money, then you may want to speak with a food pantry to see if they have anything that they can help you get. Generally, there are places that give out things like a free turkey. You just have to make sure you sign up for what you need beforehand so you can get the items since a lot of people will be doing the same thing.

Don't stress out too much about not being able to travel for your Thanksgiving. You will be able to travel again when you can afford to, or when you can get the time off of work.

Whatever the situation is for you not being able to travel, it will work itself out. There are ebbs and flows in life. If it is really important to you, make sure that you make it a goal to travel in the next year or so. People will understand because times can be tough for anyone at any time if they don't have enough work or just not enough money.

You may worry that your children are being deprived of a 'large family get together' or that they will miss out on 'getting to know their extended cousins.' Honesty, they won't notice at all. In fact, it may be more upsetting for them to have to socialize with people they do not know very well.

You may worry that your older children will think that they are lacking by not having an expensive Thanksgiving meal. The truth is they will pick up on whatever your attitude is. If you have happy about a quick meal, an easy cleanup, and then some exercise and watching football...they will be happy about that too.

As a mom, I know that I want to do the best I can do for my kids. Sometimes, the best thing is to understand that being content is the best thing.

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