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1000 Days Like This

Today is the type of day that makes me wish for 1000 more days just like this.

A cool in the morning, but hot enough to go swimming in the afternoon type of day.

An intermittent, fluffy cloud with a slight breeze sort of day.

A throw all your windows open and listen to sounds around you peaceful day.

Indeed, there is Gladness enough in the world for us all; or, to speak more exactly, there is a fountain of Gladness in everybody's heart only waiting to be unstopped. --Charlotte Mason

It's a day like this that makes me smile ever so slightly to myself. I stop and sit a moment unknowingly allowing the gladness to well up and turn to tears in my eyes.

It's a moment where I always get caught by a questioning "what's wrong mom?"

And the answer is that there is nothing wrong. But rather everything is right.

I so often forget.

My to do list today is long like any other day.
  • check the pool and ready the things for the children to swim
  • hang the laundry out to dry
  • remove the spent plants from the front walk
  • neaten the rooms
  • sweep the step
Exciting stuff like that. Today, I'm glad that I have the opportunity to do these things. Thankful that we have clothing that needed laundered. Thankful that we have children, that they have friends that live close by, that they can play under my own watchful eye. Thankful that there are belongs and treasures that need straightened and cleaned. Thankful that we're in our own home.

Tomorrow, I'll try to unstop the gladness again. 

It's so easy to become overwhelmed. It's so easy to loose joy when contemplating the tasks undone.

The tasks crushing down like a dried flower pressed in the palm of your hand.

There is no gladness in that. Who wants to live the life of wilted flower? Not I.

There is gladness in the world. There is gladness in my world.

And, for a 1000 days like this I will endeavor to let it flow free.


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