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2 Fun Crafts to Teach Your Kids About Weather

The weather is a fascinating thing, especially for kids.  They often enjoy learning about it, and we can encourage that with weather-related crafts.  Following are some craft ideas that you can use to teach your kids about the weather. The weather is really cooperating around here. It's been windy and rainy!

Craft  a Windsock

Blowing in The Wind

Making windsocks is a fun and easy craft for kids.  They bring out your child's creativity, give you a nice decorative item to display on your porch or in your yard, and provide the opportunity to learn about the wind.  You'll need these supplies:
* An empty round oatmeal container
* Construction paper
* Glue
* Markers, paint and stickers (optional)
* Crepe streamers
* A hole punch
* Twine or yarn

1. Remove the top from the oatmeal container, and cut out the bottom.

2. Cut a piece of construction paper so that it will cover the container, and glue it on.

3. Decorate your windsock.  Cut shapes out of construction paper and glue them on, add stickers, or use paint or markers to add pictures and designs.

4. Cut lengths of the crepe streamers, and glue them to the bottom end of the windsock.  Use alternating colors for a nice effect.

5. Punch a hole near the top of the windsock, and another directly across from it on the other side.  Then punch another hole halfway between each of them.

6. Cut two 12-inch lengths of twine or yarn.  Thread the end of one piece through one of the holes, and tie securely.  Thread the other end through the hole directly across from that one, and tie it.  Do the same thing with the other piece of string and the unused holes, so that the string creates handles that cross each other.

7. Cut one more length of string, making it about twice as long as the others.  Tie it to the center of the handles, and tie the other end wherever you want to hang your windsock.

TIP: Bring in your windsock if it rains.

Make a Rain Gauge

H's Weather Belt Loop Experiment 

A rain gauge is a great tool for teaching kids about the weather.  They are very simple to make.  All you'll need is:
* A clear plastic bottle (any size will do, as long is its diameter is uniform)
* Scissors
* Ruler
* Permanent markers

1. Cut the top and neck off of the bottle, down to where the diameter is uniform.

2. Using the ruler and the marker, mark off the height by the half inch.

3. Decorate with markers if you like.

4. Set the rain gauge out in the open, where the rain will not be blocked by trees or buildings.  Make sure it's level.

5. Place sand or bricks around your rain gauge, or set it inside the hole in a concrete block to keep it from being knocked or blown over.

What do you do for spring/summer weather activities?


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